I often hear ...

"Aren't all you agents the same?  After all, you all put my house on the MLS, you all advertise, you all hold open houses, you all place a for sale sign in front of the house, you all etc, etc etc"

I can certainly understand why you would think this; and why is it that some brokers, like me, sell lots and lots of properties and others just don't.

Here's what you may not understand ... the MLS, open houses, ads etc, they are just tools - nothing more, nothing less; just tools. 

Let me ask you ... take an artists paint brush and put it in the hands of a 5 year old.  You're going to get a certain result, right?

Now how about we put that same exact tool, that paintbrush, in the hands of Michelangelo ... we're going to get a far different result, aren't we ...

Guess what ... I'm your Michelangelo.

George Fotion


(310) 346-6467